Warrior Workout: Freestyle Endurance

This freestyle endurance set is will help you finish your races strong. Adjust the intervals and split times to fit your needs accordingly.


1 X 200 Freestyle EASY

4 X 100 Freestyle (Kick, Drill, Swim, Swim)

400 Total: 50 Kick, 50 Pull, 100 Kick, 75 Swim, 25 Swim (80% effort), 50 Kick, 50 Swim

4 X 50 Freestyle Descending 1-4

Main Set

4 X 200 Freestyle (80% effort on even 50’s) : around 10 seconds rest

6 X 100 Freestyle : 15 seconds rest

4 X 200 Freestyle (80% effort on even 50’s) : around 10 seconds rest

4 X 100 Freestyle (As fast as possible) : 15 seconds rest

4 X 150 Specialty Stroke : around 10 seconds rest

Odds: 50 Drill/100 Distance Per Stroke

Evens: 100 Drill/50 Distance Per Stroke

2 X 100 Freestyle Warm-Down

If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.”

–Mark Spitz


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