We're Plastic Neutral

Zone Swimwear designs custom team swimsuits and custom swimsuits for teams

"People protect what they love." Jacques Yves Cousteau

We have a (rather long) list of core beliefs at Zone, but ultimately those beliefs can be distilled down to this: People are good. And people want to do good.

Unfortunately, the waste created in each step of the supply chain is a significant negative externality for the fashion industry. In other words, it is not so good. Various kinds of plastic make up 60% of the materials used in clothing worldwide.¹ Around the world, the equivalent of one dump trump filled with clothing and textiles is sent to a landfill or incinerator every second.²

Now, that is a serious bummer. Like all of you, we are biophilic - we love life and we love living things. And we're also optimistic. We are fundamentally hopeful and confident that the future will be great.

So, we are quickly dropping this note today to share that we are so excited to take our first step with all of you to protect and celebrate a sustainable life by getting our plastic neutral certification. We know we won't individually move the needle, but we are so excited to join the movement that countless brands and individuals have already been working towards for years.

What we're doing

On December 10th, 2021, we entered into our partnership with rePurpose Global to become certified plastic neutral. Plastic neutral certification means that we fund the removal of an amount of plastic from the environment equivalent to the amount that we use in our operations and products.

To qualify for plastic neutral certification, we worked with rePurpose to calculate our annual plastic footprint by conducting a thorough "plastic audit" of our supply chain.

  • Our mailers are made from polyethylene. Polyethylene is the most common plastic used today. We also pack each individual swimsuit in another, smaller plastic bag.

  • Further, while our fabrics are 100% recycled (yay!), they are still made from plastic. Spandex, polyester, polyamide (aka nylon), and polyurethane (aka elastane) are all plastic. They are also all fabrics we use in our swimsuits.

By partnering with rePurpose, we are funding grassroots movements to remove plastic from the environment to offset our fabric and miscellaneous plastic footprint. We also funded this change retroactively, so every order placed since September 10th, 2021 has been plastic neutral. Every order placed from here on out will also be plastic neutral.

What we're going to do

While we are thrilled to be plastic neutral, we recognize that we are still leaving an environmental footprint in other ways. We are actively exploring ways to lessen our overall footprint. We are also simultaneously working on a project to minimize the amount of plastic we use in our packaging. (The only thing better than offsetting our plastic footprint is decreasing it in the first place!)

We are going to keep our goals internal. That said, we promise to do the work and keep you updated.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas related to sustainability, please reach out to us at info@zoneswimwear.com. We really want to hear from you! We're on your team.