14 Swimming Jokes to Make You Laugh

Why aren't blondes afraid of sharks? Why did the teacher jump in the pool?

1. Where do zombies like to go swimming?

The Dead Sea!

2. What direction does a chicken swim in?


3. Why aren't blondes afraid of sharks?

Because they're man-eating!

4. A child was in the process of drowning. "Help! I need a lifesaver! I'm gonna drown!" hollered the child. The blonde lifeguard came up to the child and asked, "Sure, what flavor?"

5. Why did the teacher jump in the pool?

She wanted to test the water!

6. Why don't vegetarians like swimming?

They hate meets!

7. Why can male elephants go swimming whenever they want?

They always have trunks!

8. What exercise is best for swimmers?


9. What did Cinderella wear to swim?

Glass flippers!

10. How did the soldier get in the pool?

Cannon ball!

11. Why should you never swim on a full stomach?

Because it's easier to swim on water!

12. What is the sheep's favorite stroke?


13. Did you hear about the swimmer who was excited about morning practice?

No, me neither!

14. Two swimmers are far from shore when they see a shark's fin. One guy starts adjusting his goggles. His friend says "What are you doing. You'll never swim faster than a shark." He replies "I don't have to swim faster than the shark. I just have to swim faster than you!"


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