14 Pools You'll Want to Dive Into Immediately

Warning: You are about to want to book a flight.

1. So geometrically satisfying.

2. Just the right amount of dangerous.

3. Poolside. In Italy. With pasta. Never leaving.

4. Clean and empty. Oddly satisfying.

5. If you get tired of one pool... Just jump to the other!

6. If Inception were a pool...

7. *Ahem* Is it getting steamy in here?

8. So fresh, so still.

9. Suddenly waking up before sunrise does not sound too hard.

10. And night swimming sounds pretty nice too.

11. New law: Pools mandatory on all rooftops.

12. A bird's eye view can make anything look organized.

13. Moroc-can't get enough of this one.

14. One more for the Tumblr fans.

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